Conditions Treated

We provide relief treatments for common back and neck pains to the most complicated injuries.

Back problems are a range of conditions related to the bones, joints, connective tissues, discs, muscles and nerves if the back. back problems are a significant cause of disability and lost productivity. More than 80% of the population will suffer from some type of back pain in their lifetime and half of those will experience multiple recurrence over this time. 

The cause of this back pain may relate to many different issues including work, sport, leisure activities, arthritis (wear and tear) and osteoporosis. The range of symptoms may be low back pain, pain radiating into the legs, pins and needles, numbness and even weakness in the legs. 

With early assessment and evaluation of risk factors we are better able to help you rectify your back pain in a shorter period of time.  Some of these Erick factors are age, physical fitness, smoking, being overweight and the type of work you do. Education about these factors will help you in the long term management and possible prevention of further recurrences. 

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Neck pain is a common condition which may be caused by many different things. The pain may spread from the neck towards the shoulders or upper back or up into the head and present like a headache. Like back problems if there are nerves that are aggravated it can produce the sympathy of pins and needles or numbness in the arms. It may lead to a restriction of movement in the neck and upper back. The causes include poor posture, sleeping in an awkward position, tension/stress, prolonged use of technology such as smart phones and tablets, arthritis and normal ageing if the neck.

Neck pain may be the result of work related issues or injuries, sporting incidents, motor vehicle accidents or for no obvious reason. If attended to early the symptoms may be resolved quickly, if however you leave it, it often results in the onset of further problems making it harder to rectify.

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There as many causes of headaches, some simple some not so simple.

Again headaches are a major complaint of the modern world and may relate to stress, over use, arthritis, neck problems or direct injuries.

Primary headaches include migraine, tension and cluster headaches. Sometimes headaches can affect your quality of life and though some people might find headaches manageable others might find them quite debilitating.

Migraine headaches are the second most common headaches and may affect children and adults. True migraines need to be managed by your Doctor. Cluster headaches are rare and are thought to affect about 0.1% of the population and required specialist opinion. Primary headaches can be managed by a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, you do not have to live with such a headache! Call us for a consultation.

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For the vast majority of the population in Australia we have either participated or are participating in some sort of sport for various reasons. Whether it is to simply keep fit, be involved in a team or just enjoy the social aspect of it, many people may as a result suffer sort of injury. It may be as simple as a strained muscle or complicated with significant intervention required. 

Physiotherapists assess and treat many and varied injuries with the main goal of restoring normal function and assisting in the safe return to their chosen sport/activity. Education to assist in the prevention of injuries is just as important as the treatment of these injuries. 

The cultural promotion of an active lifestyle has many benefits for general health and well-being and is well documented in the reduction of risk factors for a range of other health conditions. Here is an area when prevention is certainly better than the cure!

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The role of a physiotherapist for those with a work related injury is to provide them with an accurate assessment and appropriate rehabilitation to return them to normal health and safe return to normal duties at work. 

As Work Cover approved physiotherapists we work with the injured worker, the doctor, the rehabilitation companies and the  insurer to facilitate this safe return to suitable and. then normal duties. 

You will require a Dr’s referral so that we can complete the required treatment plans for approval for treatment from the insurer.

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As authorised treating professionals for people involved and injured in a motor vehicle accident we are able to help you to achieve a shorter recovery time. 

In order for the insurer to cover the cost of your treatment it is essential that you see a doctor and get a referral to commence this process. 

You must also contact the insurer and complete the paperwork required to establish a claim. 

Once this has been done we are able to provide the insurer with the necessary forms which details your treatment plan for approval. We are then in contact with both the Dr and the insurance company to ensure that your recovery is as simple as possible. 

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