Physio Tips

Read our Physiotherapists' and Exercise Physiologists' expert tips.

Growing Pains

As children grow, the skeleton grows in length faster than the soft tissue and tendon attachments to bone can adapt. This attachment can become inflamed and cause swelling and pains in all sorts of places especially in the knee and the heel. These pains usually appear at varying ages but generally between 7 or 8 and up to 13 or 14. The pains may continue intermittently until growth settles. These pains may get worse with increased activity and may be related to sports involvement. It is not generally a requirement to rest from sports. The pain can be managed with heat, ice or painkillers. If the pain cannot be managed consult with your Physiotherapist or your Doctor. See us if you need help.

Sever’s Disease

Sounds terrible but put simply, it is ‘growing pains’ and so many growing children have pain in the heel as they grow. Yes it can be inconvenient as it may impact on sport activities, but it is not a sports injury. Your child may happily continue their involvement in the sport they love, you simply just have to know how to manage the condition and minimise the pain. Don’t give up and cancel their sports. See your physiotherapist for advice on how to manage this situation. See us at Baulkham Hills Physiotherapy for information on how to manage your child’s growing pains.

Health and Wellbeing

There are five things that contribute to good health and wellbeing and your longevity. Concentrate on Number 5 while you exercise:

1. A Good Diet

2. Good Sleep.

3. No Addictions.

4. Appropriate Exercise.

5. Happiness.

Core Strength

In this fast world we live in, we sometimes have little time to exercise and look after our most important asset: our bodies. Core strengthening exercises are essential for good health and wellbeing and to help manage your back pain. If you are unsure of your needs contact Baulkham Hills Physiotherapy Centre for a consultation on your exercise requirements. Get yourself an exercise ball and begin the change. See your local physiotherapist at our site.

Ankle Taping

Preventative management is the best form of treatment: protect your ankles in sports. For all your taping needs visit BHPC, where the physiotherapists can teach you how to tape. Contact BHPC if you wish to attend a taping class for your basic but common taping techniques.

Tablet Headache and Texting Neck Pain

The use of tablets and smartphones has increased the incidence of neck pain and headaches. This comes with increase in pressure and the increase in the angle of the neck as you bend forward. The longer you hang you head in this position the greater the risk of neck pain and headaches. See your physiotherapist at BHPC for treatment of tablet related headaches or neck pain.