Practice Services

Truly professional health care services can be found here at Baulkham Hills Physiotherapy Centre.

Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain resulting from injury at work or home, from a motor vehicle accident, playing sport, surgery, age related issues or other illness or conditions. We use a variety of techniques such as hands on treatment, exercises to strengthen muscles, techniques like stretching to relieve stiffness and inflexibility in your joints and educate you as to how to maintain and prevent further issues.

Our physiotherapists will provide you with a one on one thorough assessment of your condition and develop an individualIsed treatment program.

This will include hands on treatment which has been shown to provide more rapid relief from pain, increase movement and assist you with a speedy return to normal activity.

You will also be given an appropriate exercise program to strengthen and retrain your joints and muscles.

We will educate you on how to manage your condition so that you can work towards self management and prevention in the long term.